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From iWeb to EverWeb

EverWeb is often regarded as successor to Apple's popular iWeb product that was discontinued in 2011.

For a couple of years before iWeb was discontiued it had become apparant that little or no development time was being put in to the product. However, iWeb continued to have a loyal following as there was nothing on the market that could match it's ease of use and drag and drop simplicity.

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About EverWeb

In November 2013 RAGE Software introduced EverWeb as a viable alternative to iWeb.

EverWeb has a similar look and feel to iWeb but has a commited development team that updates the product every few months. EverWeb also introduced new and updated featues that iWeb users had been longing for over the years.

Since that time, EverWeb has gone from strength to strength. New featues and functionality are added in regular product updates every few months.

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RAGE Software

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About RAGE Software

RAGE Software is the maker of EverWeb. This is from their website…

‘Since 1999, we have been providing not only software solutions to Mac users like yourself, but exceptional quality support to every single one of our customers. When you buy RAGE Products you are not only purchasing a set of instructions to automate your work flow, you are purchasing continuous software improvements, exceptional customer support, and a company with a long history of commitment to the Mac.’

RAGE Software Mission

‘Provide an easy way for Mac web developers to design, prepare and promote their websites. By providing both quality in our products and our unlimited product support, we endeavor to become the company you turn to for your web authoring and promotional needs.’

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