Installing Theme Templates

Installing a Theme Template

Once you have downloaded your Theme Template, unzip the file if necessary. Sometimes, the file will automaticaly unzip as a file with a .EWTHEME extension.

Next. double click on the unzipped file. You will be asked whether you want to 'Edit', 'Cancel' or 'Install' the Theme Template file.

Select 'Install'.

If you have EverWeb already running, the Theme Template should be available in the left hand column of the Theme Template Chooser when you add a new page.

If the Theme Template does not appear, quit EverWeb, relaunch and try again.

Using  Master Page Features

The 'Master' and 'All' Theme Template Collections include pages called 'Master' and/or 'Mobile Master'.

Before using adding the Theme's pages to your project, you should add the 'Master' page and 'Mobile Master' page from the Theme to your project. This is necessary as the regular pages you add use these Master Page(s).

When you have installed, 'Master' and/or 'Mobile Master' to the Web Page List, drag and drop them into the blue Master page section.

Sometimes this operation may take a couple of attempts. If this is the case, first drag and drop the 'Master' page to the top of the Web Page List. Release the mouse button. Next, click and drag the page in from its new location in to the blue Master Page area.

Once the Master Page has been added to the blue Master page arer, add the regular pages from the Theme to the Web Page List as normal.

When you add a new page from the Theme Template, attach the Master Page to it using the Master Page section of Page Settings tab in the Inspector Window.

Additional Information

When you have attached a Master Page to your regular page, sometimes some of the objects may become obscured in the process, even if the Always on Top featue has been set for the object.

If you find that this is the case, first make sure that Window-> Show Layout is set on.

Next, secondary click on the object that is obscured. You should see a small menu of options appear. From this, select 'Bring to Front' to force the object to the front of the obscuring object(s).

Alternatively, secondary click on the object that is obscuring the one you want visible, and select 'Send to Back'.

If you have any questions, or problems, with the Theme Templates, please contact us using the Contact menu option.

Please remember to include the name of the Theme Template you are having issues with and a description of the issue or question you may have.