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EverWeb 4.0 for Mac and Windows is Here! Membership Sites, Global Styles, Paragraph Styles Contact Form Enhancements and More!

Thursday, 19 October 2023 10:01

The long wait is over! EverWeb 4.0 for Mac and Windows is finally here! It’s a great new release which has something for everyone!

First of all is the brand new Membership Sites feature where you can easily create your own member, or subscription, service! It starts out with a free plan but you can upgrade to the Plus or Deluxe plan if you need more features! It’s easy to setup and recommended!

The second new feature is global styles. Define how you want your site to look and the fonts styles it will use. Once you have setup these featues you can apply them to the pages of your site. If, later on, you want to update your site’s fonts or colors, you just need to update your global styles which will then be applied to your site!

The third major feature of EverWeb 4.0 is a redesigned Text Inspector with the introduction of Paragraph Styles and scalable text for TextBoxes, These are two great new features making Everweb even easier to use!

If you use EverWeb’s Contact Form Advanced widget, there’s also good news with Columns and Dividers Controls to help you more easily design your form! 

If you use EverWeb SEO PowerUp addon, you can now easily add SEO to your site with the new Check Page feature!

These are the main headlines from the new version. As usual there are lots of smaller updates to ecjoy as well!

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