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EverWeb 3.9.2 Adds Easy Sandvox and iWeb Gallery Importing and Easy Audio and Video Embeds To Blog Posts!

Wednesday, 21 December 2022 19:44

The first maintenance release after the launch of EverWeb for WIndows, this release brings important stability and maintenace fixes for the Windows version of EverWeb. There’s also fixes too for EverWeb for macOS. Plus there’s now an easy way to import Sandvox Image Galleries and iWeb Photo Galleries into any EverWeb gallery widget. 

If you want to import audio files or video into your blog posts, this is now super easy to do, just right click on the video or audio you want in the Assets List then paste the Full Asset URL into the Insert Video option in the Blog Post Editor.

There are also fixes for the Contact Forms Advanced widget too in this release.

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