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EverWeb 3.9.1 for Mac and Windows!

EverWeb 3.9.1 Released Launching EverWeb for Windows!

Thursday, 1 December 2022 17:39

Although EverWeb 3.9.1 is a maintenance and stability for macOS, it also comes with the big new addition to the EverWeb family: EverWeb for Windows! The new Windows release comes with the same ease of use as you get with EverWeb for macOS! So if you know one version of EverWeb, you’ll immediately be at home with the other! 

Check out EverWeb’s website to download a copy today! If you already have EverWeb+Hosting, the Windows version is free! If you have EverWeb for macOS standalone you can purchase a cross-platform license. This is a one time purchase at $24.95USD so easy on the wallet!

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