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EverWeb 3.9 Released with NEW Stripe Widget, Dividers, Inline Tags and More!

Monday, 7 November 2022 19:44

EverWeb’s new 3.9 release brings some great new featues to the product. First up is a new widget for Stripe Payment users! It’s nice that we have now have an alternative payment provider supported than just PayPal. 

Dividers are a nice new addition to EverWeb. You have 16 designs to choose from to add flair to the top and bottom of your objects. Dividers are responsive and fully customizable. They’re a great way to separate sections of your page in an easy yet dynamic way.

There are also updates for EverWeb’s Contact Forms Enhanced (CFE) Addon with advanced email tags for the CFE’s Email Editor, a new email sending confirguarion feature and you can also now download selected attachments in the EverWeb Client Area.

Additionally, you can now use inline Tags for text instead of having to use the Heading Tags widget and EverWeb’s blog post editor now includes a Dark Editor Mode!

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