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EverWeb 3.5.1. Out Now! Not Just an Ordinary Release!!

Tuesday, 28 September 2021 15:18

EverWeb 3.5.1 has just been released following the introduction of EverWeb 3.5 a couple of months ago. Although it looks like a minor release, 3.5.1 actually adds some nice enhancements to EverWeb such as the ability change multiple assets in an assets list all at one time. If you have e.g.  a FlexBox widget, you can adjust all of its Embedded Objects at once by selecting them all and then applying the change that you want e.g. Maximum Width. This is a real time saver and justifies the update in itself!  

There are also improvements to the FlexBox Widget itself, adding more button styling options and if you use the Responsive Row widget you can now secondary click on the Responsive Row to remove obbjects from the widget. 

Add to that some great fixes, it’s another must install update. You can update your copy of EverWeb just by clicking on the EverWeb-> Check for Updates menu, or by downloading the new version directly from the EverWeb website!

Check out the full EverWeb 3.5.1 release notes 

Check out the Video

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