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EverWeb 3.3 and 3.3.1 Released! New Search Features and Plenty of Optimzations!

Thursday, 13 August 2020 11:36

EverWeb 3.3 brings new ways to search the Web Page List, the Theme Tempalte Chooser and the Wigets tab. In addition there have been a wealth of optimizations and internal code updates. You can see the effect of this when you republish your website (use the File-Publish Entire  Site option) as your site’s pages should load quicker and be more responsive when your visitor interacts with the page.

The optimizations included in EverWeb 3.3 also mean that the code behind the Image Galelry Widget’s LightBox preview window has been replaced with a more modern LightBox that is also responsive.There are also more settings that you can adjust for the LightBox in the Widget’s Widget Settings.

The Hyperlinks Popup window has also seen a major overhaul bringing a more modern looking popup window that is also responsive. The new Popup window also resolves some issues that the popup used to have on mobile devices.

The Editor Window has also been optimized for speed and improved redraw so you should find editing your website is a lot quicker than it used to be!

Soon after EverWeb 3.3 was released, a manintenace release, 3.3.1 became available. if you have EverWeb 3.3 you can update to the 3.3.1 by using the EverWeb-> Check for Updats… menu. Remember that updates are only available if you have a current Support and Updates License.