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EverWeb 3.4 Out Now! New Everweb SEO Power Up Addon, Replace Assets, Parallax Scrolling and More!

Friday, 30 October 2020 18:26

EverWeb version 3.4 has just been released with some amazing new features!

Parallax Scrolling is a great way to add 3D image effects to your pages! Use full width images to mimic 3D motion in your pages. This is a fantastic new feature that will give your website a brand new modern appearance! And there’s more...

The Contact Forms Enhanced Addon gains two new controls - Calendar and Set Time. Using these new controls means that you can create a calendar in your form that your visitor can choose from. The same is true with Set Time, where you can set appointment times as you want for your visitors to select from. Both Controls are highly customizable so that you can use them as a basis for bookings!

The third new feature of EverWeb 3.4 is Color Overlays that you can use to add a tint over images on your page. It’s easy to access and use from the Shape Options tab. There’s also a new scaling option for images to make customization of your pages even easier than ever!

Plus there is the All New EverWeb SEO Power Up Addon which will take your SEO to the Next Level! Use this addon to give your SEO extra optimizations. You can control where to apply your SEO… to the pages that are important to you. You can add your own SEO keywords too. When you publish your site, EverWeb will generate your site’s XML Sitemap file and robots.text so that search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo! and Alexa can crawl your site moe effectively!

These are just some of the great new features of EverWeb 3.4! So check it out today at the EverWeb website or update your copy of EverWeb from the EverWeb-> Check for Updates menu!

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