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EverWeb 3.1 with Dark Mode Now Available for Download!

Wednesday, 11 December 2019 09:02

EverWeb 3.1 is now available for download and includes Dark Mode as its major highlight. Dark Mode is amazing and a great way to work which keeps you focused on designing your website! Whilst Dark Mode is undoubtedly the visual highlght of the new release, there are a lot of more subtle but useful features added in this release. 

Auto-continue publishing is great if you have poor internet connectivity. If your publishing stalls, EverWeb will wait for 15 minutes and then try to publish again from where it left off. So there’s no longer any need to restart the whole publishing process again which is a great time and effort saver especially if you have a large website.

EverWeb 3.1 has also optimized the code that it exports so that you should find your pages are up to 18% smaller than previously. What this means in practise is that your pages will load faster in the browser. Widgets too have been optimized so that they load faster in the Inspector Window and are smooter and more responsive in use. If you have a large number of widgets on your page, you should also find that they are more responsive in use too.

As you might expect, some of EverWeb’s widgets also get updates in this release: the PayPal widget receives new shipping and handling options, the FlexBox widget gets a new Alt Text field for use with images, and the YouTube video widget now includes an option where you can set the number of seconds at which the video starts. 

EverWeb 3.1 also introduces Smart Inspecor. This features tunes the Inspector WIndow features to better match what you are doing. For example if you click on a Shape, the Metrics Inspector will appear by default. If you click on the page background you will see the Page Settings tab displayed, and so on… The more intelligent Inspector should help make your workflow that much more efficient!

These are just some of the highlights of the new release! Check out the EverWeb 3.1 release video below to see more new features! 


If you have EverWeb already installed, you can update your version using the EverWeb-> Check for Updates… menu. Otherwise, you can download EverWeb 3.1 direcly form the EverWeb website. If you have any comments or questions about EverWeb 3.1. please let us know in the Comments Section below!

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