EverWeb Essentials

EverWeb Essentials is a series of e-books that take you through specific features of EverWeb in detail so you can focus on what you need to learn quickly and easily.

The first book in the series, Blogging, is available on the Apple Books Store.

The next book in the series will be all about Widgets and will include all you need to know about how to use them in your EverWeb website!

EverWeb Essentials: Blogging

EverWeb Essentials: Blogging tells you all about EverWeb's new blogging environment so you can to build and maintain a great blog on your website

We take you through creating your first blog, the blogging UI, creating posts as well as lots of hints, tips and how to do's on topics such as hyperlinking, adding images, formatting your blog, importing blogs from iWeb and more…

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Theme Templates

The all new 'Filing Cabinet' theme is now available as a Master Theme.

The 'City' and 'Marine' Theme Templates are also available in the following options:

Basic: Includes page styles for both desktop/tablet computers and for mobile devices.

Master: Includes desktop/tablet and mobile Master Page styles that you apply to the regular pages in the Theme.

All: Gives you everything found in the Master option plus a Blogging style page!